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Potato Breeding and Genetics Research Program

The Potato Breeding and Genetics Program is housed at the Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center in Plymouth NC. Our project leader, Dr. Craig Yencho, is located on NC State’s main campus, where he also heads the Sweetpotato Breeding and Genetics Program. In Plymouth, our program activities are led by Mr. Mark Clough.

The program’s goal is to develop and screen new varieties, advanced clones, and germplasm and to select materials better suited for North Carolina and the Southeastern US. We are working toward this goal through collaborations with the USDA-ARS, Cornell University, and the University of Maine, as well as other breeding programs across the US.

Current Largest Research Projects

  1. Early generation selection of materials in collaboration with the University of Maine, Cornell University and the USDA-ARS
  2. A national collaboration to screen material to evaluate the performance of chipping lines for adaptation to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions
  3. Use of marker-assisted screening for resistance to Golden nematode and potato virus Y
  4. A focused effort to develop and introduce specialty-type potatoes that may potentially bring elevated prices for small niche markets

Potato Program Grants