Welcome to the NC State Sweetpotato and Potato Breeding and Genetics Programs website.

We’re really happy to share our work with you. Our programs’ goals are to: 1) develop sweetpotato and potato varieties adapted to the growing conditions of North Carolina and the southeastern US; 2) broaden the germplasm base of sweetpotatoes and potatoes through the incorporation of land races and related species; and 3) provide advanced training in plant breeding and genetics for national and international students and scientists interested in sweetpotato and potato improvement. We use a combination of conventional, biochemical, and genomic-assisted breeding as necessary and feasible to facilitate our breeding efforts. Please don’t hesitate to “dig deeper” into our website to learn more; like our two favorite crops, you are sure to find some great nuggets of information. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Best regards,  
Craig Yencho,
Program Lead

A woman works on dissecting part of a sweet potato for testing.

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